Policy 2.4: Graduation

Graduation Requirements:

  1. A student will earn a certificate, diploma, or AAS degree upon satisfactorily completing all requirements for graduation and complying with all applicable policies of the college.
  2. Students who do not meet graduation requirements will be notified by letter. Students must reapply for graduation after meeting the requirements.
  3. Students will graduate at the end of the term in which they complete all course requirements. However, a student may be allowed to participate in commencement if he/she desires to walk with his/her cohort but have outstanding graduation requirements of 7 credits or less and the courses are offered the following semester. The student will not receive an award until they successfully complete outstanding program requirements. If more than 7 credits are to be completed, the student will be allowed to participate in commencement after all program requirements are completed the following term.
  4. When the student completes all the requirements for graduation and is awarded a certificate, diploma, or AAS degree, he/she will receive an official transcript at no charge along with the award in the mail. Additional copies of official transcripts may be obtained for a fee by submitting a request to the Office of Records and Registration
  5. Official Transcripts and awards cannot be released until all financial obligations to Anoka Technical College are met.
  6. Honor students who achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 by the last semester completed prior to graduation will be recognized at the graduation ceremony. This does not include their final semester grades.
  7. Students seeking exceptions to the requirements must submit an appeal to the Registrar.

To receive a degree from Anoka Technical College, students must earn one third of their credits through enrollment in Anoka Technical College courses.



Unknown adoption date

4.2016 Revised

5.2017 Removed reference to graduation fee; changed number of outstanding graduation requirement credits from six to seven