Medical Scribe Specialist


The Anoka Technical College Medical Scribe Specialist certificate is a 30-credit program that prepares students to perform real-time recording of patient-doctor interaction at the point of service and input of other physician-communicated information into the electronic health record while under the constant supervision of the medical provider.

This program includes curriculum that teaches the skills required to obtain entry-level employment as a medical scribe. Curriculum includes medical terminology, anatomy, electronic health records software, medical records documentation, privacy and ethics standards, diagnosis and procedure coding and health care reimbursement practices.

Course Prerequisites

Some courses may require appropriate score or completion of basic math, basic English and/or reading courses with a “C” or better.

Program Sequence

 FULL-TIME Sequence
First Semester
 Course Number  Course Title  Credits
ADSC 1003
  Introduction to Keyboarding and Speedbuilding
ADSC 1055
  Electronic Health Records
HITM 1030
  Medical Coding for Scribing
HITM 1221
  Introduction  to Health Information Management
HITM 1110
  Medical Terminology in Health Information
HLTH 1050
Body Structures
 TOTAL   15
Second Semester
ADSC 1025
  Keyboarding Skillbuilding
ADSC 1042
  Applied Medical Terminology for Scribing
ADSC 1283
  Medical Office Procedures
HITM 1200
  Billing and Reimbursement
HITM 1210
  Supervision of Health Information
HITM 1244
  Law and Ethics
 TOTAL   15

Admission Requirements

Students are required to have an Accuplacer reading score of 78 or higher or appropriate test score for admittance to the program. If students do not achieve 78 or higher, they may take ATC READ0960 or ATC READ0900 achieving a C or higher for admittance to the program.

Graduation Requirements

All Anoka Technical College students seeking an Associate in Applied Science (AAS), diploma, or certificate must meet the cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.

Program Learning Outcomes

By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning outcomes.

  1. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to accurately and thoroughly document medical visits and procedures as they are being performed by the physician.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in keyboarding speed and accuracy.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate  an understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments to the extent required to understand and accurately scribe doctor-patient encounters in real-time.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate  the ability to translate medical abbreviations into their expanded forms.
  5. Graduates will demonstrate  the ability to be able to use all functions of the electronic health records software.
  6. Graduates will have a thorough knowledge of and understand the significance of complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when accessing or communicating patient information.
  7. Graduates will demonstrate  professionalism in all communications.

Transfer Opportunities

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Industry Information

The mandatory implementation of the electronic health record has created this specific job in the health care industry. Providing this type of education preparation prepares students for employment at the forefront of the growth and changes that are happening in the health care industry as it adapts to changes cause by technology.

Scribes free up the physicians’ time from clerical entry into the electronic health record which increases their productivity. The physician’s increase in productivity then increases revenue for the hospital/clinic/practice. From the quality of life perspective, scribes allow physicians to focus on quality patient care instead of the demands of paperwork, documentation and record keeping. This is a STEM career.


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