Placement Tests (ACCUPLACER)

At Anoka Technical College placement testing is required for all students to assess current skills levels in reading, writing and math. Although the test is not pass/fail, results do determine what course placements are most appropriate for student success.

Why taking time to do your best matters

Students who score at the college-level will save significant tuition and textbook dollars that may otherwise be necessary for developmental or remedial coursework. Remedial courses do not count toward a certificate, diploma or degree and typically do not transfer.

Know before you go

  • The Testing Center is located in Rm 103, near the main entrance to the college.
  • View the Accuplacer Test Schedule for walk-in testing days and times.
  • Students will be required to show a current Photo ID.
  • Hand-held calculators are not permitted. An electronic calculator will be provided on some questions, but not all. Scratch paper and pencil will be provided.
  • The test is not timed. Most students finish in 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Results are immediate and help students select courses.

 View Placement Chart

Accuplacer Test Schedule

Accuplacer Walk-in Test Schedule
May 16 – Aug. 3

Sign-in on a walk-in basis on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, anytime between 8 am and 2 pm. The testing lab closes at 3:30 pm.

Aug. 7 – 25
Sign-in on a walk-in basis on the following days anytime between 8 am and 2 pm. The testing lab closes at 3:30 pm.

  • Aug. 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Aug. 14, 15, 17, 18
  • Aug. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Aug. 28 – Dec. 15
Sign-in on a walk-in basis on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, anytime between 8 am and 2 pm. The testing lab closes at 3:30 pm.

Important Dates

  • One Stop Events: Apply, test and register for classes
  • Aug. 21: Fall Semester Starts
  • Aug. 25: Last day of drop/add period


The campus will be closed on the following holidays

  • Sept. 4 Labor Day
  • Nov. 10 Veterans Day
  • Nov. 23 Thanksgiving
  • Nov. 24 Thanksgiving
Policy 3.2 Children in Classrooms
Children are not permitted in the Testing Center and must not be left unattended.

How to obtain a Minnesota ID card - Find DVS Office Locations

Prepare for Accuplacer

Students are strongly encouraged to study before testing.

Please note: The official Classic Accuplacer Sample Test includes multiple sub-tests. At this time Anoka Technical College is not administering the Next Generation version; therefore refer to the Classic Accuplacer version for review.

At Anoka Tech, students should prepare to take the following sub-tests:

  • Sentence Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Arithmetic

Students enrolling in programs that include college-level math coursework may also take these sub-tests:

  • Elementary Algebra
  • College-level Mathematics


Qualifying ACT, MCA and SAT Scores

Students who demonstrate readiness to succeed in college with qualifying ACT, MCA or SAT test scores will not be required to take all or part of Accuplacer. Exemption is based on documentation of scores equal to or above the Minnesota State system-endorsed minimum qualifying scores noted below.

Students who wish to utilize their ACT or SAT scores are responsible to forward an official copy to:

Anoka Technical College
ATT: Records Office
1355 W HWY 10
Anoka MN  55303

Students can request that MCA scores be sent to Anoka Tech by (1) contacting their high school directly or (2) signing the High School Release of Information form on the Anoka Tech Undergraduate Online Application.

Placement Charts: Qualifying test scores may facilitate registration into college-level courses that have prerequisites based on correlating Accuplacer scores. Students should refer to their selected program plan for details about their program and course requirements.

Time validation: ACT, MCA and SAT scores are valid for five (5) years, inclusive of the current calendar year.

ACT Minimum Qualifying Scores

MCA Minimum Qualifying Scores

SAT Minimum Qualifying Scores

  • 480 Evidence-based Reading and Writing
  • 530 Mathematics

Exemption Based on Prior Coursework

Transfer Students
Students who have completed a college-level math or English course at another college, or hold an associate's or bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution of higher learning, should send an official copy of their transcript to the Records Office to be reviewed for possible waiver from all or parts of Accuplacer.

  • Students who have previously attended a Minnesota State college or university, Anoka Tech can retrieve your transcript free of charge.
  • Students who have attended a non-Minnesota State institution, should send a transcript to:
    Anoka Technical College
    ATT: Records Office
    1355 W HWY 10
    Anoka MN  55303

Students applying for the Practical Nursing program cannot be exempted from taking ACCUPLACER based on previous coursework from other institutions.

Test from another MN STATE campus

Students who cannot travel to Anoka Technical College to take their Accuplacer have the option to test from a Minnesota State institution closer to their current location. Follow the steps below to find the nearest campus and get scheduling instructions: 

  1. Find a Remote Testing Center.

  2. Send an email to Anoka Tech to request a Remote Test Voucher. Include location of desired test center.

  3. The Remote Test Voucher will arrive in email. Read important remote test site information and follow instructions to schedule the test. Print the voucher and bring it with you when you test.

Test results will be available immediately following your test. There is no need to send a copy to Anoka Tech. The college can view results on their testing site.

Questions? Please email Testing Center staff or call 763-576-7830.

Next Steps
Admissions Checklist

Test from an Out-of-State Location

Students who wish to test for Anoka Technical College from an out-of-state location may do so by locating an approved proctor from a Testing Center closer to their current location. If a proctor fee is required, students are responsible for payment.

  1. Find a Remote Testing Center.

  2. Send an email to Anoka Tech to request a Remote Test Voucher. Include location of desired test center.

  3. The Remote Test Voucher will arrive in email. Read important remote test site information and follow instructions to schedule the test. Print the voucher and bring it with you when you test
Next Steps

Admissions Checklist 

Keyboarding Test-Out

Practice first then test immediately following Accuplacer, or during posted Accuplacer testing hours

The Basic Computer Keyboarding (BCK) test-out is a means to satisfy the prerequisite for courses that require typing proficiency for success.

Students who do not pass will need to register for ADSC 1003 Introduction to Keyboarding and Speedbuilding, a two-credit keyboarding course designed to help students develop basic keyboarding techniques.

 Net Words a Minute (NWAM)
 Resulting Course Placement
 0-24 NWAM with less than 93% accuracy rate
 ADSC1003 Intro to Keyboarding and Speedbuilding
 25-25+ NWAM with 93% or higher accuracy rate
 Course prerequisite has been satisfied

The test-out is routinely administered immediately following Accuplacer to students in the following programs:
  • Judicial Reporting AAS
  • Medical Assistant AAS
  • Scoping/Proofreading CERT

Accuplacer Test Schedule

Students are strongly encouraged to practice their typing skills before sitting for the keyboarding test-out. Test before attending Orientation to facilitate the registration process.

The test-out must be taken in one sitting which includes unlimited practice tests and three timed trials. The timed trials include one test and two retests that are needed only if the first timed test is not passed. Timed trials are three minutes in duration.


Request Test Accommodations

The Disability Services office provides services for students, faculty and staff with a permanent or temporary disability.

Test accommodations are determined on an individual basis during review of documentation between the person requesting services and Julie Packer, Director of Disabilities Services and Peer Tutoring. To arrange a meeting, contact Disability Services at 763-576-4069 or

Appointments should be made well ahead of the intended test date to allow time for processing and implementation of approved accommodations.

Postsecondary Resource Guide: Successfully Preparing Students with Disabilities for the Postsecondary Environment

Get Copy of Test Results

View Test Results
To view test results for all Accuplacer tests taken within the Minnesota State system: log in to eServices > Grades & Transcripts > Interactive Degree Audit Report 

Send Scores to Another Institution

  • Minnesota State: Accuplacer assessment data is auto-loaded to the Minnesota State system database therefore test results are already visible to other system campuses.
  • All Other: Print, complete and return the Request for Accuplacer Score Report form per the instructions noted on the form. Scores are released within seven (7) working days.


Students  who are not satisfied with their placements may retest only once (per test section) within twelve (12) months of the first testing date.

There is a $10 retest fee for each retest.

Students are strongly encouraged to review before retesting.

There is no waiting period prior to retesting, with the exception of students retesting to meet federal Ability to Benefit guidelines.

    Locate your Test Results in eServices > Grades & Transcripts > Interactive Degree Audit Report

    Course Placements Based on Accuplacer Scores

    Ability to Benefit

    General Student Admission
    To qualify for federal student aid students must possess a high school diploma or GED, or achieve qualifying Ability to Benefit Accuplacer scores set by the federal government:

    • Reading Comprehension 55
    • Sentence Skills 60
    • Arithmetic 34
    Basic Eligibility Criteria - qualify for federal student aid (grants, loans, and work-study)
    Earn your GED - work with Metro North Adult Basic Education, conveniently located on-campus, in the Student Success Center, Room 190

    Reading Comprehension

    Score   Course Placements
    00 - 66  READ 0900 Reading Skills, recommended to Adult Basic Education 
    62 - 77 READ 0900 Reading Skills 
    78 - 120  Prerequisite met for courses requiring college-level Reading Comprehension Score

    Sentence Skills

    Course Placements
    00 - 60  ENGL 0102 Fundamentals of English, recommended to Adult Basic Education
    61 - 85  ENGL 0102 Fundamentals of English
    86 - 120 ENGL 1107 Composition I ONLY if Reading Comprehension score is 78 or greater


    Course Placements 
    00 - 29  MATH 0801 Basic Math, recommended to Adult Basic Education
    30 - 70 MATH 0801 Basic Math
    71 - 120 MATH 1070 Technical Mathematics I
    MATH 1400 Algebra and Trigonometry
    81 - 120 MATH 1010 Dosage Calculations for Health Professionals
    MATH 1020 Math for Healthcare

    Elementary Algebra

    Course Placements 
    00 - 75  MATH 0900 Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
    76 - 120  MATH 1080 Technical Mathematics
    MATH 1500 Mathematical Ideas
    MATH 1550 Introduction to Statistics

    College-level Math

    Course Placements 
    00 - 49 MATH 0950 Topics in Intermediate Algebra
    50 - 120

    MATH 1600 College Algebra
    MATH 1650 College Trigonometry
    MATH 1700 Pre-Calculus


    Virginia Keifenheim
    Director of Testing Services
    Testing Center, Room 103

    Phone: 763-576-7830
    Fax: 763-576-7721