ETEC - A+ Computer Troubleshooting & Networking for Automation - 00003945

Description: Increasingly within the field of automation and controls, computers are applied in collecting data, equipment programming, and equipment control. This class is designed for automation and controls technicians. Technicians who have a good understanding of computer/network concepts, and can apply them to integrate with controls, have a career advantage. This course teaches the analysis and troubleshooting skills required to maintain and repair personal computers as well as basic networks. Students will be introduced to the A+ Certification Exam, a recognized industry standard for computer technicians. This class emphasizes hands on work, with lab experiments designed to teach the function and application of the various sections of the PC, operating systems and networks. Each student builds a computer to be used for lab investigations, which they keep upon completion of this course. (Prerequisites: ETEC 2161)

Credits: 4.00

MNTC Goals:

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