Human Resources Staff


Jay Nelson – Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

Primary Areas of Responsibility:
Achievement Awards, Affirmative Action, ADA, Contract Interpretation/Implementation, Classification, Compensation, Data Practices/ Data Privacy, Grievances, Hiring process/procedures, Employee Investigations, Leaves of Absences, Employment Offers, Personnel Polices/Procedures, Sabbaticals, Separations/Resignations, Workforce Planning and Performance Management. As well as, overall oversight of the human resources department.

Secondary Areas of Responsibility:
Advertising/Recruiting, Personnel Data, and Recruitment processes/procedures, Supervisory Training, Faculty Credentialing, Faculty Step Placement, Unemployment

Dawn Hohmann - Director of Data Integrity

Primary Areas of Responsibility:
Job Audits, Position Descriptions, Data Integrity, HR supervisor, Policies/Procedures, Reporting, Contract Interpretation, HRIS systems, Retirement,  Anoka-Tech Faculty Transactions

Secondary Area of Responsibility:

FMLA, Insurance, Unemployment, Workers Comp, Staff Transactions

Gail Peterson - Human Resources Assistant

Primary Areas of Responsibility:
HRIS system, Anoka-Ramsey Faculty Transactions, HR Employee Reporting, Contract Interpretation

Secondary Areas of Responsibility:
Data Integrity

Monica Franklin - Human Resources Assistant

Primary Responsibilities:

Recruiting, Employment Offers, Diversity, Affirmative Action

Secondary Areas of Responsibility:

Contract Interpretation

Sharon Wolfgram – Human Resources Assistant

Primary Responsibilities:

Tuition Waivers, Employment Verifications, Address Changes, Unemployment, Workers Comp, FMLA, HRIS System, Contract Interpretation, Primary Contact for HR.

Secondary Areas of Responsibility:

Recruiting, SEI Coordinator

Bailey Kramer – Human Resources Assistant

Primary Responsibilities:

Staff Transactions, FMLA, Insurance,  

Secondary Responsibilities:


Darla Paradise – Talent Management Coordinator

Primary Responsibilities:

Faculty Credentialing, Faculty Step Placement, Mandatory Training, Supervisory Training, Staff Development, Performance Management, Job Audits, Position Descriptions

Secondary Responsibilities:

Contract Interpretation, Tuition Waiver


Payroll Staff

Jennifer Larson-Anoka-Tech Payroll Department

Staff, Faculty and Administrator Payroll for Anoka-Tech

Timesheets for Anoka-Tech

Karen Northrop – Anoka-Ramsey  Payroll Department

Staff, Faculty and Administrator Payroll for Anoka-Ramsey

Timesheets for Anoka-Ramsey

Expense Reimbursements for Anoka-Ramsey & Anoka-Tech

Faculty Leave Accrual for Anoka-Ramsey & Anoka-Tech


General Human Resource Questions
fax: 763-433-1461