MN Employee ID Number

This number identifies you as an employee in all of the State of MN employee services. This number is generated by SEMA4. SEMA4 is the State's Payroll, Human Resources and Benefits System. SEMA4 stands for Statewide Employee Management System. The '4' in SEMA4 refers to: Human Resources Processing, Payroll Processing, Benefits Processing, and Reporting.

 What does it do?

The MN Employee ID number is your access to the MN Employee Self Service Web site. The services available include:

  • Enroll in benefits
  • View current and prior pay stubs
  • Classified employees can view current and previous leave balances
  • Change your home address and/or phone number
  • Add/change your tax shelter annuities and/or deferred compensation plans
  • View a summary of your current insurance and pre-tax benefits
  • View dependent care and medical/dental expense account plan information
  • View total compensation statement
  • Print current and previous year's W-2 forms
  • Purchase US Savings Bonds from the Department of Treasury

How do I get it?

  • At your orientation meeting you will complete the forms necessary to receive this number
  • Human resources will enter the proper information into the system
  • The system will generate a number
  • The number will be sent to human resources
  • Human resources will put the number and an information packet in a sealed envelope in your official mail slot in the mailroom.



Human Resouces Office
Fax 763-433-1461