Professional & Organizational Development

Professional and Organizational Development

Professional  and Workforce Training is committed to helping you fulfill your leadership and development goals for your business.

We offer classes and training designed for professional and growth sustainable results.

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Topic Areas to Consider

Assessments - 360, Leadership, DISC & More

Coaching & Mentoring


Creating Positive Employee Relations

Critical Thinking Skills

Cross Generational Management

Customer Satisfaction/Service

Decision Making

Developing Senior Leaders


Emotional Intelligence

Harrassment Awareness for the Workplace

HR Fundamentals


Intercultural Development

Interpersonal Communication

Leadership Academy

Leading Effective Teams


Management Mastery

Managing Change

Negotiation Skills

Organizational Agility

Organizational Skills

Performance Management

Presentation Skills

Problem Solving

Project Management

Strengths & Leadership

Sustainable Leadership

Teamwork & Partnering

Time Management

Written Communication

Select Course Descriptions

Leadership  and Management

Leadership Academy

Be one of a small group to experience powerful leadership development designed to meet the challenges of our complex and changing world. The Leadership Academy is designed specifically for emerging and talented leaders in business, organizations and government agencies. Over a five-month period you will enhance your critical thinking, problem-solving and ethical decision making skills, as well as develop your knowledge and understanding about local issues, the political process, and best leadership practices in business and government. Join us, for six full-day sessions, and take a deep dive into who you are now and where you want to be, as a leader, in the future. All course materials and meals are included. Graduate from the Leadership Academy with a certificate of completion, new ideas, and greater skills.

Sustainable Leadership

The chicken or the egg? A sustainable leader or a sustainable workplace? We can't have one without the other. How do we adapt our leadership strategies to meet the challenges of an evolving global environment and the values of a changing workforce? A sustainable organization understands how to minimize risk and find opportunities, and has a thorough understanding of the changing attitudes of today's generation of workers. These ideas are integrated into the traditional leadership areas of problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution and coaching. Learn A practical framework for sustainable leadership; A process for problem solving, conflict resolution and coaching; How to manage people through the change process

Management Mastery

Management Mastery develops managers through six stackable training modules. The accelerated learning techniques maximize performance by providing participants with critical skills that create tangible business results. The sessions build on each other by bring prior topics into the curriculum throughout the course.

Project Management

Project Management: Basic

Identify stakeholders and required skills/resources, structure work, estimate time and cost, schedule and chart, analyze risk, control project scope, schedules and budgets, manage change and conflict, communicate status and evaluate project performance.

Project Software

Become an efficient project manager. Explore the Project interface, create and edit project plans, manage task lists, set up resources, assign resources to tasks, format and print project plans, tack task progress, fine-tune project plans, organize and format project details, view and report project status, share information with other Office programs and customize Project options.