MnSCU Performance Metrics

The MnSCU Strategic Framework Metrics include measures to be addressed by each college or university (institution-level) or the MnSCU system as a whole (system-level).

Colleges and universities are responsible for addressing 21 institution-level metrics. These institutional measures typically represent the contribution of individual institutions to the system as a whole -- they are not appropriate for use in comparing one college or university to another.

This document includes a visual summary of the 21 metrics, including the current trend and the annual goals to be met over a 5-year period for ARCC and ATC. Please note that the timelines for assessing the baseline often vary by metric as does the final assessment of progress. 

Anoka Tech/Anoka-Ramsey Strategic Framework Metrics

Accountability Dashboard ATC

Accountability Dashboard ARCC

Accountability Dashboard Anoka Colleges

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