Star Alert - Emergency Notification System

Anoka Technical College is committed to providing a safe environment where students, staff and faculty can live and learn well. In the interest of ensuring safety, the college has implemented Star Alert™, a wireless emergency notification system.


Activate Your  Star Alert

What Is Star Alert?
Star Alert emergency messages are sent to you through text, voicemial, and/or e-mail during emergencies that threaten life or safety and/or severely impact standard campus operations.

Who sends the notifications?
Emergency notifcations regarding Anoka Technical College business operations are developed and sent by the administration at Anoka Technical College. The weather alerts are sent by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Who Can Register?
Students, staff and faculty at Anoka Technical College are encouraged to register for this valuable service. Star Alert™ will provide immediate emergency communication, and as a wireless notification system, they provide critical information if computers and telephones are compromised.

More Details

Notifications are brief and clearly identified as a Star Alert™ message from Anoka Technical College. Messages will include information on the situation at-hand, what action to take and or where to find additional information.

Register Now

Registration is free, quick and easy. Just click on the link below. Participants must be able to receive text or e-mail messages on their cell phones. The process can also be reversed if the service is no longer desired. Information submitted through the registration process will only be used for the Star Alert™ system.

Star Alert Registration - Don't wait, do it today!


Office of Public Safety

Emergency 911

Security Office 612-819-4585