Anoka Technical College offers new Landscape Entrepreneurship certificate in spring 2020

 Anoka Technical College introduces new 16-credit Landscape Entrepreneurship certificate in spring semester 2020.

Anoka Technical College will offer a 16-credit Landscape Entrepreneurship certificate beginning spring semester 2020 designed for professionals currently working in the field, and people with no experience.

“This is the only program in the state like it. We’re hoping that it will give people new to the business a chance to dabble their feet in it. We will also go more in-depth with those with more experience or specific needs,” said Travis Gienger, Anoka Technical College Horticulture instructor.

The new Landscape Entrepreneurship certificate consists of five courses in landscape design, Computer Aided Design (CAD), landscape management, construction and trees and shrubs. Students will receive a hands-on learning experience and personalized attention from Anoka Tech faculty members with years of experience in the landscaping industry.

“I have 18 years of experience in the industry and when I began I needed to learn a lot in the field. I went to school for landscaping, but the curriculum wasn’t very specific at that time; it was more horticulture and some landscaping,” said Gienger. “Now students can learn skills specific to both the industry and their individual needs and graduate ahead of the game.”

The 16-credit certificate differs from past landscape programs at Anoka Tech. The program offers a condensed look at drafting, design and install pieces. It also explores the questions and resources necessary to start a business, such as client communication skills and proper documentation.

In an introductory class, students will develop an understanding about how to greet a customer, things to look for on a job site and how to invoice. They will also learn about whether a S-Corp or LLC would be best structure for their business and how to set it up.

“We are ready for students with a whole range of experience: people with their own businesses and people with no experience but with a lot of drive who just need help getting started,” said Gienger. “It’s a great industry to pick up. There are not enough people to fulfill all of the landscape jobs out there.”

Registration for the certificate is open now. All are encouraged to apply.
For more information about the new Landscape Entrepreneurship certificate and the Golf Course Grounds and Landscape Management department visit:


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