Sterile Processing

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Program Information

The Anoka Technical College Sterile Processing certificate is a 28-credit program that prepares graduates to work in medical facilities that prepare surgical instruments, supplies and equipment necessary for healthcare. This program includes a broad introduction to health sciences, as well as medical language, communication and computers.

Students study the following:

  • Decontamination
  • Preparation
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Sterile Storage

The Sterile Processing certificate is a prerequisite to the Surgical Technology Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Prepared for entry-level employment in a sterile processing position.
  2. Eligible to take the certification examination following 400 hours of professional employment.
  3. Eligible to apply to the AAS Surgical Technology Program

Career Opportunities

The work environment is dynamic and fast-paced. The work is challenging, highly technical, and complex. The performance of this vital department has a major impact on the smooth operation of the many departments to which it provides products and services. Employment opportunities may be within hospitals, outpatient centers, and instrument processing centers.

Wage information is available from the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Course Prerequisites

Some courses in this program may require a prerequisite. Please see course descriptions for more details.

Program Sequence

 MnTC General Education Requirements
 This program requires completion of the following nineteen credits of general education from at least three goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).
 BIOL 1106
 Principles of Biology (Goal 2&3) 4
 BIOL 2100
 Anatomy & Physiology I (Goal 2&3) 4
 BIOL 2200
 Anatomy & Physiology II (Goal 2&3) 4
 PSYC 1406 General Psychology (Goal 5) or PSYC 1506  Lifespan Development (Goal 5) 4
 SPCH 1200 Interpersonal Communication (Goal 1&7) or SPCH 1500 Intercultural Communication (Goal 1&7) or SPCH 1200 Public Speaking (Goal 1) 3
First Semester 6
 BIOL 1106
 Principles of Biology
 COMP 1002  Computer Technologies for Communication 2
Second Semester 10
 BIOL 2100  Anatomy & Physiology I
 HLTH 1040  Medical Terminology
 PSYC 1406 OR 1506 OR 1606
 General Psychology/Lifespan Development/Abnormal Psychology
 Third Semester 12
 BIOL 2200  Anatomy & Physiology II 4
 SPCH 1120 OR 1200 OR 1500
 Public Speaking/Interpersonal Communication/Intercultural Communication 3
 SURG 1003  Sterile Processing 3
 SURG 1005  Surgical Microbiology 2

Part-Time Options

Students can choose to complete this program part-time. Part-time students will take longer to complete their program than students who follow the full-time sequence listed on the official program guide (see the program guide PDF under the LINKS section to the right). Because every course may not be offered each semester, it is important for part-time students to reach out to their faculty advisors for help in planning their long-term, part-time course sequence.

If you need help picking out your first semester courses, reach out to your faculty advisor or enrollment services (contact info can be found under the “Contact” section on the top right portion of this page). 

Graduation Requirements

All BIOL courses must be completed with a grade of B or higher. All other courses required for this program must be completed with a grade of C or higher.


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