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Program Information

The Anoka Technical College Information Technology (IT) Support certificate program is 15-credits of course and is designed to prepare graduates to successfully compete for entry-level positions in the IT field.

The program provides students with the basis to become and IT support professional in a help desk environment. This is an entry-level IT position, which involves technical support of end users. IT support professional provide assistance to other employees within or outside of the organization with common IT problems and questions. IT Support professionals work with the ticketing system in the organization to ensures issues are escalated appropriately and resolved. The curriculum combines theoretical design instruction with hands-on implementation practices using current IT tools. Students learn the skills necessary to be successful IT support professionals.

The IT Support certificate program builds the broad IT foundation needed to understand the terminology and methodologies of IT specialties in the workplace.

Program Learning Outcomes

By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning outcomes.

  1. Apply critical thinking skills in the identification, analysis and resolution of information technology problems.
  2. Exhibit interpersonal skills and a professional attitude while working in an information technology environment.
  3. Clearly express ideas and information in written and spoken form.
  4. Analyze, design and document system specifications to meet client needs.
  5. Apply project management techniques to solve business problems.
  6. Collaborate with a team to design and develop customer software-based solutions and integrate them into the user environment.

Career Opportunities

The graduate will have a broad base of foundational knowledge from the common core courses that span areas of IT, networking, programming logic, web programming, and IT support will be emphasized in the courses.

Wage information is available from the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Course Prerequisites

Some courses in this program may require a prerequisite. Please see course descriptions for more details.

Program Sequence

 First Semester
BDAT 1005
Data Analysis Fundamentals
ITEC 1003 Networking Fundamentals
ITEC 1011
 Programming Logic & Design 4
ITEC 1016 Web Development Technologies 4
TLIT 1005 Technology Fundamentals

Part-Time Options

Students can choose to complete this program part-time. Part-time students will take longer to complete their program than students who follow the full-time sequence listed on the official program guide (see the program guide PDF under the LINKS section to the right). Because every course may not be offered each semester, it is important for part-time students to reach out to their faculty advisors for help in planning their long-term, part-time course sequence. Refer to the below PDF document for first semester part-time course options and further information.

PDF Part-Options

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for graduation from this program.


Lisa Hubbard

Vicki Baumgartner

Tracy Hoffman

Jerry Kne

Julie Myers

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Fall: August, October
Spring: January, March
(Also multiple start options each semester)




Lisa Hubbard

Vicki Baumgartner

Tracy Hoffman

Jerry Kne

Julie Myers

Enrollment Services