Policies and Procedures

For questions about Anoka Technical College's policy and procedure approval process please contact Jessica Medearis at Jessica.Medearis@anokaramsey.edu.

    Also see Policy and Procedure Flowchart.

    Policy and Procedure proposal templates can be accessed on the S drive: S:\Forms\Policy Proposal Templates

    Chapter 1: Organization and Administration

     1A.1 Policies and Procedures 
     1A.2 Delegation of Authority Policy
     1A.2.1 Delegation of Authority in Absence of the President Procedure 
     1A.2.2 Organization Chart
     1A.2.3 Designated Minnesota State Liaison Assignments Procedure 
     1A.2.4 Delegation of Authority Procedure 
     1A.3 Access and Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Policy
     1A.4 Acceptable Use of Technology Policy
     1A.6 Telephone/Fax Usage Policy 
     1A.7 Environmental Health and Safety Policy 
     1A.8 Environmental Health & Safety: ATC Drug Free Campus Policy
     1A.9 Possession or Carry of Firearms
     1A.10 Communication Policy 
     1A.11 Waiver of Admission Application Fee Policy 
     1A.12 Acceptance of Potentially Hazardous Materials Policy 
     1A.13 Social Media Policy 
     1A.14 Fees Policy
     1A.14.1 PSEO Ineligibility Procedure 
     1A.14.2 Course Fees Procedure 
     1A.15 Expression and Assembly
     1A.16 Environmental Health & Safety: ATC Safety & Security Policy
     1B.1 Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity Policy 
     1B.1.1 Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution Procedure 
     1B.1.12 Preferred Name Procedure
     1B.2 Affirmative Action in Employment Policy 
     1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy 
     1B.3.1 Sexual Violence Procedure 

    Chapter 2: Student Affairs

    Chapter 3: Academic Affairs

     3.1  Background Study Policy
     3.2  Children in Classrooms Policy
     3.3  Faculty Credentialing Policy
     3.4  Copyright Policy
     3.5  Course Outline and Syllabus Policy
     3.6  Curriculum Development and Approval Policy
     3.6.1  Curriculum Approval Procedure - Repealed
     3.7  Developmental Courses Policy
     3.8  Grading Policy
     3.8.1 Grading Procedure
     3.9  Academic Grade Appeal Policy
     3.9.1  Academic Grade Appeal Procedure
     3.9.2  Student Complaint Process - Repealed see Policy 3.12
     3.10  Credit Hour Policy 
     3.11  Faculty Development & Review Process Policy
     3.11.1  Faculty Development & Review Procedure
     3.12  Student Complaint Process Policy
     3.13  Low Enrollment
     3.14  Attendance
     3.15  Admissions
     3.16  Credit Transfer
     3.17  Credit for Prior Learning

    Chapter 4: Human Resources

    Chapter 5: Physical Plant Operations

    Chapter 6: Business Affairs

    Chapter 7: College Relations

    Chapter 8: Guidelines