Forms & Resources

All completed forms and supporting documentation must be submitted as PDF or Word Documents. Take a picture of your form or documentation using your smartphone or tablet and follow the below steps to convert to a PDF:

  • iPhone or iPad (iOS 10 or later) - Open the picture. Tap "Share" at the bottom. Scroll across and select "Print". Pinch to zoom in or zoom out so the whole form is visible. Tap "Share" to save it as a PDF.
  • Android - Open the picture. Tap the menu in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down and select "Print". Choose "Save as PDF" at the top.

Appeals and Petitions

Academic Forgiveness Petition: Used to request forgiveness for previously completed unsatisfactory academic coursework at Anoka Technical College.

Academic Petition: Used to request a waiver to an academic policy of the college.

Course Substitution Petition: Used to request the substitution of one course for another or to use an extra course to fulfill a credit shortfall. 

Exception to Policy: Used to petition for a retroactive drop or withdrawal from a course after the deadline has passed. Must be submitted within 60 days from the end of the semester in which the courses were registered. 

Grade Appeal: Used to appeal a final grade assignment after a student has informally attempted to resolve a grading issue with the instructor. Must be submitted within 30 days from the end of the semester in which the grade was assigned.

Graduation Appeal: Used to appeal a denial of graduation from the College or participation in graduation ceremony.

Maximum Time Frame Appeal: Used to appeal financial aid maximum time frame suspension or projected completion suspension.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal and Contract: Used to appeal academic and financial aid suspensions and develop a success plan.

Transfer Credit Appeal: Used to appeal the results of a transfer evaluation. 

Business Office

Student Expense Report: Used to request reimbursement for allowable student expenses.

Third Party Authorization Form: Used to  grant authorization to a third party to pay designated tuition, fees, books, etc. 


Enrollment Services

Application to Anoka Technical College: Used by new students to apply to the college. 

The following programs require an additional application packet for admission. More details about required application materials can be found on each program webpage (linked).

Change of Major Form: Used to declare or request a new major.


Financial Aid

Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA): Used to apply for federal financial aid (grants and loans).

Visit the Financial Aid webpage for all other Financial Aid forms.


Records and Registration

Add/Drop Form: Used to add or drop courses when a student is unable to do so through eServices. Requires payment for added courses. 

Consent for Release of Information: Used to grant or revoke authorization for Anoka Technical College to release private student data to a designated third party. 

Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Form: Used to apply for academic credit for learning gained through on-the-job experiences, attendance at workshops or conferences, volunteer activities, business ownership, self-study, etc. Also used when a student has been granted faculty approval to test out of program courses. Requires payment of CPL assessment fee. 

Exempt Maximum Enrollment of Credits: Used to request to register for more than 22 credits in a semester. 

Graduation Application: Used to apply for graduation and grant priority registration for students nearing graduation. 

Immunization Form (Immunization Form): Used to report dates of immunizations or exemption from the State of Minnesota immunization laws. 

Name Change Request: Used to request to have name changed on student accounts (eServices, D2L, etc). Requires documentation verifying name change.

Non-Disclosure Request: Used to prohibit the college from releasing student directory data information to parties outside of the college.

Transcript Request: Used to request an official transcript. Requires payment of a transcript processing fee. Students unable to request through the above link, can submit this completed Transcript Request Form with payment to Processing of requests submitted via the pdf form will be delayed due to staff working remotely. 


Suggestions and Complaints

Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Form:Used to file a complaint of discrimination in education or employment, harassment, religious observances or violence.

Formal Student Complaint Form: Used to file a complaint against an employee of the college with expectation of formal action toward resolution. 

Informal Student Complaint Form:  Used to file a complaint with no expectation of formal action toward resolution.


Student Resources

Alcohol and Drug Use Policy: Provides information about the college's policy concerning alcohol and drug use on campus.

Crime and Security Report: Provides accurate, complete and timely information about safety on campus.

Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education (1B.1): Provides information about student and employee rights.

eServices Account Information: Provides information about eServices including directions for logging in and where to locate information.

Student Academic Success Plan (formerly Student Plan of Assistance): Used to document a corrective action plan developed by the student, faculty, and counselor or student support services.

Student Handbook:Provides information for students on college policies, processes and disclosures. 

Student Right to Know: Provides information about student graduation and transfer out rates.

Testing Services: Provides information about services offered by the Testing Center.



For more information about these forms, contact Enrollment Services at or 763-576-7710.