English Language Learners

Anoka Technical College seeks to engage English Language Learners (ELL) in their academic learning and English language development. We are committed to providing a positive and supportive environment that allows students to demonstrate growing proficiency in the English language.

Services to assist students whose first language is not English include free English Language Learner classes, career counseling, advising, tutoring services and much more.

Free ELL Classes

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Free English Language Learner (ELL) classes: Prepare for college by attending free English Language Learner (ELL) classes on the Anoka Technical College campus. Classes are taught by ABE teachers and are designed to help students develop occupational and English communication skills to promote success in employment, occupational training, or college. Classes focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Are you interested in participating in Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes to enhance your foundational skills? To enroll in ABE programs, students must first attend an ABE class enrollment session. Information regarding ABE enrollment sessions can be found here.

We're Here to Help

Student Support Services

A wide variety of free services are available at Anoka Technical College to help students reach their educational goals. Contact the listed department for additional information and assistance. 

Information  763-433-1100
 Academic Planning
 Enrollment and Success Coach
 Counseling  763-576-4036
 Testing Center
 Academic Support
 Peer Tutoring
 Math Lab
 Room 173
 Writing Center
 Room 130
 Library  763-576-7850
 College Preparation and Academic Support
 Adult Basic Education (ABE)
 Personalized Support
 Accessibility Services
 Multicultural Center
 Veterans Services
Career/Employment Services

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