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Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

Credit for Prior Learning

Transfer Options: Credits In/Credits Out

Articulation Agreements
Articulation agreements are transfer agreements with specific programs and partnering schools. These agreements detail how specific courses transfer to a specific program at the partnering school. For a complete list of Anoka Technical College’s articulation agreements listed by program, please visit Minnesota Transfer.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)
The MnTC is a 40-credit general education package that transfers between all Minnesota State colleges and universities

  • Anoka Tech accepts in transfer MnTC courses as determined by the sending Minnesota State institution.
  • Anoka Tech MnTC courses are accepted in transfer at all other Minnesota State institutions. 
  • Students cannot satisfy the entire 40-credit MnTC at Anoka Tech.
  • Anoka Tech students are not required to complete courses in all MnTC goal areas.

There is no guarantee that general education courses from non-Minnesota State institutions will satisfy MnTC requirements.  General education courses from non-Minnesota State institutions are evaluated on an individual basis.

Transfer of Technical Credits
Transfer of technical credits will be considered for courses that have been completed within five years prior to application for admission to Anoka Tech. Students with technical courses which were completed more than five years prior to application may be able to use the Credit for Prior Learning process to demonstrate course content mastery and receive credit.

Transferring Credits Into Anoka Technical College

Transcript Evaluation

To have your transcripts evaluated for Transfer of Credit, you must:

  • Complete the transfer admissions process
  • Be accepted into a declared program major
  • Have official transcript(s) from non-Minnesota State** college(s) sent directly to Anoka Technical College's Records Office. Hard copy official transcripts must be received in a sealed envelope with the seal intact. Electronic official transcripts must be issued directly to from the institution. Student copies and faxed transcripts are not considered official. **Students transferring from other Minnesota State colleges and universities do not need to request official transcripts from these schools since Anoka Technical College has access to them.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your transcript evaluation to be completed after you have been admitted to your program major. When your evaluation is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view the results of the evaluation in your interactive Degree Audit Report System (DARS). 

General Guidelines for Transfer of Credit

Anoka Technical College will consider:

  • Courses applicable to a student's certificate, diploma or degree.
  • Transfer courses determined by Anoka Technical College to be comparable or equivalent to currently offered courses.
  • College-level courses not determined by Anoka Technical College to be comparable or equivalent to specific courses shall be accepted as electives.
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program that tests student’s mastery in college-level material for a variety of undergraduate college courses. A list of CLEP tests and cut score requirements are located here.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered in most Minnesota high schools with standardized tests and cut scores equivalent to college level courses. A list of AP tests and cute score requirements are located here.  
  • Articulated College Credit (Tech Prep)
  • Military Education Experience may be eligible for college credit through evaluations established by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Transfer Grades

  • Grades earned for transfer courses do not impact a student's grade point average (GPA) at Anoka Technical College.
  • Courses transferred to the College will be recorded on the student's transcript under the "transfer credits" section.
  • Up to two-thirds of a given program's credit requirements may be transferred in from another institution. 
  • Anoka Technical College will accept courses from other institutions with grades of D or higher.
  • Grades of D or higher may or may not be accepted by individual programs due to varying program policies regarding acceptable grades for graduation.

Transferring Credits From Anoka Technical College

The Minnesota State system is working to make the transfer process easier. Please plan ahead, ask questions and use pathways created by transfer agreements. Students should work with a counselor or advisor at the college or university to which they are transferring. 

If you are transferring to another Minnesota State college or university, the Admissions and Records Offices are able to obtain your transcript as long as you do not owe money to Anoka Technical College. Therefore, you do not need to request an official transcript from Anoka Technical College.

If you are transferring to a college or university that is not part of the Minnesota State system, please visit to request that Anoka Technical College send an official transcript to that school. 

Transfer Evaluation Appeal

Students who are are not satisfied with the results of their transfer evaluation, may dispute the results by submitting a Transfer Credit Appeal along with appropriate supporting documentation. Students dissatisfied with the results of the Transfer Appeal decision, have the right to appeal to at the Minnesota State system level to the Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs. The decision of the Senior Vice Chancellor is binding.

Additional Transfer Resources

Minnesota Transfer website is the official guide for seamless transfer in Minnesota Higher Education.

Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help answer the question "Will my courses transfer?"

Enter coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences, then discover in a single click how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when you transfer.

Schools are ranked by the percentage of coursework they accept in transfer, though you may focus the results with a number of handy filters and sorts, including how your courses transfer into a specific program at another college or university.

Details of how those courses will count are available with another click or two, and you can inform schools of your  interest in transferring by asking about specific programs, campus visits, and/or coursework that has not yet been evaluated by the school.

Anoka Technical College Credit Transfer Policy 3.16

Anoka Technical College Credit for Prior Learning Policy 3.17