Third Party Billing/Payment

What is third-party billing?

When a student's tuition, fees and/or bookstore purchases are billed directly to an outside agency or organization, the process is termed "third party billing." The college agrees to bill the agency or organization directly on behalf of the student. The college must receive written authorization from the sponsoring agency or organization before the third party billing can be processed.

Agencies or organizations requiring course completion or proof of grades before they authorize payment are considered tuition reimbursement programs. These programs do not qualify for the third party billing process. Students participating in tuition reimbursement programs are responsible for making their own payment arrangements and for getting their tuition reimbursed directly from their sponsor agency or organization.

Examples of third-party sponsors

  • Employers
  • City, County, State or Federal Government Agencies
  • Military Agencies
  • Foreign Embassy's Sponsoring International Students

Authorization for Payment

The Authorization for Payment Form PDF is the official college form used in the third party billing process. The college may accept other forms of written authorization.  If your agency has its own internal form, please attach it to the college's Authorization for Payment Form. Incomplete Authorization for Payment Forms will not be processed.    

Note:  Authorizations for payment may be e-mailed, mailed, faxed or delivered to the Third Party Billing Coordinator at:

Anoka Technical College
ATTN: Third Party Billing
1355 W Highway 10
Anoka. MN  55303
Fax: 763-576-7721

Student Responsibilities

  1. Provide complete information to funding agency including cost of tuition, fees, and bookstore charges. The cost of tuition and fees can be found in the course schedule on the web. 
  2. Sign the "Student Release" at the bottom of the Authorization for Payment FormPDF before submitting to Anoka Tech.  The college is prohibited by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) from releasing class names or descriptions, transcripts, grades, financial information, or information about other charges not covered by the Authorization for Payment Form without your signed authorization. If the release of information on the Authorization for Payment Form is not signed, you will be responsible for providing this information to your funding agency.
  3. Ensure that the signed Authorization for Payment Form is received prior to registering for class. If there is not an authorization form on file, you may not be able to register for classes. Verbal authorizations are not accepted.
  4. All third party students must notify the Business Office when they have completed their registration or any time they have added or dropped a class. Failure to notify the Business Office may result in having to pay the full balance due on your account or having your classes cancelled.
  5. Review your account online to check for any unpaid balance. Students are responsible for charges not covered by the third party authorization.
  6. It is the student's responsibility to maintain their current address information. Address updates can be made online.

Agency Responsibilities

  1. Obtain information from student prior to submitting Authorization for Payment Form to ATC.
  2. Ensure the Authorization for Payment Form has all required signatures before submitting to the college.

Authorization must include

  • Student Name
  • ATC Student I.D. number (Social Security Number may also be used)
  • Student's Signature
  • Agency name and billing address
  • Name and phone number of contact person
  • Signature of contact person or authorized signor (if different)
  • Semester covered by the funding.  (If the authorization for payment does not indicate a specific semester or expiration date, the effective period will be the current semester)
  • Funding expiration date
  • Dollar amount or percentage of costs covered
  • Types of charges covered
  • Description of specific exclusions
  • Sales tax exemption number if applicable


3. E-mail, mail or fax the completed Authorization for Payment Form to the college's Third Party Billing Coordinator before the student registers for classes.  The original authorization must be mailed to the college.  You may e-mail or fax the form to (763) 576-4756.

4. If the student is an employee of the funding agency and is terminated during the semester, the funding agency must pay the college as agreed and as invoiced.  It is the funding agency's responsibility to seek reimbursement directly from the student.

5. If the student drops one or more of their classes after the 100% add/drop period, the agency must pay the full amount of tuition and fees as invoiced, and seek reimbursement directly from the student.

6. Payment in full is due upon receipt of invoice.

College Responsibilities

  1. Review Authorizations upon receipt.
  2. Apply the funds to the student's account as authorized.
  3. Bill the funding agency after the third week of the semester.
  4. Any refund resulting from an adjustment to the student's registration after agency payment will be returned to the agency.

Payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date, and may be made by using one of the following options:


Make checks payable to Anoka Technical College and mail to:
Anoka Technical College
Business Office
1355 West Highway 10
Anoka, MN 55303

Remittance information is important to ensure the correct account is credited. Please include invoice number and student name, or a copy of the invoice.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Minnesota state agencies should direct payments to SWIFT vendor number 0000198182-001. Please indicate the invoice number and student name in the remittance information.

Credit Card - Visa or MasterCard

Payment may be on a company credit card by mail or by calling 763-576-7720. Charges that are not paid by the sponsoring agency or organization are billed directly to the student and a hold will be placed on the student's record preventing the student from future registration or receiving an official college transcript. Unpaid student balances are referred for collections.


Third party invoices for tuition and fees are prepared after the add/drop period for the semester in order to limit changes that might impact the amount due for tuition and fees. Invoices are mailed directly to the funding agency and are printed on Anoka Tech invoice forms (student fee statements are not considered an Anoka Tech invoice). The student will NOT be able to review or sign bills before they are mailed.

Invoices for bookstore charges are prepared as information is received from the bookstore.

Authorization Amount

It is not necessary to fill in a specific dollar amount on the Anoka Technical College Authorization for Payment Form if the agency is funding 100% (appropriate boxes must be checked to indicate 100% funding). The college will invoice the funding agency for actual charges on the student's account up to the amount specified on the Anoka Technical College Authorization for Payment Form. Verbal changes to authorizations are not accepted. Any changes require submission of a new authorization for the amount not covered by the original authorization. The college does not notify the student or agency if the authorized amount is insufficient to cover all charges. Students are responsible to check their account balance online for any outstanding amount due. 

It is the funding agency or organization's responsibility to indicate whether their funding is to be used before or after other financial aid (e.g. Pell Grant, MN State Grant) is disbursed. This must be indicated on the Anoka Technical College Authorization for Payment Form. If the Authorization for Payment Form does not indicate how their funding is to be applied, the agency funding will be applied before any other funding the student receives. 

Disallowed Charges

The agency agrees to pay Anoka Tech as invoiced and should seek reimbursement directly from the student for disallowed charges resulting from dropped classes, early semester withdrawal or insufficient grades.


Authorizations must clearly state exclusions if all registration charges are not eligible for payment. The agency cannot deny payment of a charge that was not specified as exclusion in the authorization. Students are responsible for knowing what items are covered by their funding authorizations. Any amount not paid by the agency is the student's responsibility. 

Length of Authorization

If the authorization for payment does not indicate a specific semester or expiration date, the effective period will be only for the current semester. The college does not notify the student or agency when authorizations for payment expire at the end of the semester or effective date.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that appropriate paperwork is received by the Third Party Billing Coordinator by the appropriate due dates.


Agencies should contact the Third Party Billing Coordinator with any invoice questions.

If the college is unable to collect from the funding agency within a reasonable amount of time, the student will become responsible for payment.  The student will be notified by U.S. Postal Service when the funding agency has been mailed a final demand for payment.  

Anoka Technical College is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (MnSCU). As such, the college is required to refer unpaid balances to the Minnesota Collections Enterprise, a division of the MN Department of Revenue (MN Statute, Section 16D.11)


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