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Program Information

The Anoka Technical College Office Communications Specialist certificate program is designed to assist students in developing and preparing for an office job. Courses are designed to develop

  • Grammar
  • Proofing
  • Editing
  • Write proposals, newsletters, blogs etc.
  • Polish written and verbal communications skills

The Office Communications Specialist certificate program at Anoka Technical College provides students the opportunity to develop the grammar, punctuation, usage, and writing skills necessary to create, proofread, and edit polished business messages and oral presentations.

These skills can be used in any job that requires the office professional to proof, edit, or write proposals, newsletters, website content, blogs, press releases, social media posts, presentations, promotional materials, and various other types of publications based on industry specifics.

Students are prepared to work in this position through completion of courses in Business English and Written Business Communications which provide students with advanced instruction and practice in grammar, usage, punctuation and business writing concepts. Writing and editing is often done in a collaborative environment, which requires the ability to work as a positive member of a team. Administrative Office Procedures provides students the opportunity to learn and practice positive team behaviors and to polish their individual written and verbal communications skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Exhibits effective interpersonal skills and professional attitudes by demonstrating the ability to communicate with authority figures and peers; follow work rules and expectations appropriately; maintain confidentiality; and recognize an appropriate business appearance.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to express thoughts clearly, concisely, and appropriately in verbal and written format by consistently using correct mechanics, grammar, format, and message approach (direct, indirect).
  3. Demonstrate the use of critical thinking skills to analyze and solve business problems by demonstrating the ability to define problems, find relevant information, synthesize and evaluate information, and implement decisions.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in keyboarding speed and accuracy and knowledge of correct document formatting.
  5. Demonstrate technical competency by utilizing a wide range of software applications necessary for business office operations; demonstrates initiative in learning to use new technology, and applies new technology accurately in office settings.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of roles and functions of various professionals; collaborate and problem-solve as part of the office team.

  7. Demonstrate ability to set priorities, organize work, and sequence tasks appropriately, and consistently complete projects on a schedule.

  8. Develop and evaluate customer service skills by ascertaining the characteristics of a customer service organization and using customer service skills in servicing customers professionally.

Career Opportunities

Spell and grammar check software does not replace a detail-oriented office professional who is knowledgeable in style guidelines and knows how to use technology resources to find current usage guidelines. An office support professional proficient in these skills is an irreplaceable asset to any manager/supervisor who depends on this specialist to project an intelligent, professional image of the individuals within a company and the company as a whole in all forms of communication.

Wage information is available from the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Course Prerequisites

Some courses in this program may require a prerequisite. Please see course descriptions for more details.

Program Sequence

 Fall Semester   
 ADSC 1003  Introduction to Keyboarding and Speedbuilding 
 ADSC 1045
 Administrative Office Procedures
 COMP 1002
 Computer Technologies for Communication
 INTS 1000
 Critical Thinking Applications for College (Goal 2)
 Spring Semester   
 ADSC 1010
 Keyboarding I
 ADSC 1031  Business English
 ADSC 1206  Written Business Communications

Part-Time Options

Students can choose to complete this program part-time. Part-time students will take longer to complete their program than students who follow the full-time sequence listed on the official program guide (see the program guide PDF under the LINKS section to the right). Because every course may not be offered each semester, it is important for part-time students to reach out to their faculty advisors for help in planning their long-term, part-time course sequence.

If you need help picking out your first semester courses, reach out to your faculty advisor or enrollment services (contact info can be found under the “Contact” section on the top right portion of this page). 

PDF Part-time Options

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for graduation from this program.


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