Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Brush Up on Foundational Skills

Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a free program to help adults age 17 or older (who are not enrolled in a secondary school) develop foundational skills in reading, writing, math, English and technology. ABE teachers will help students identify areas for improvement and provide support in the learning process. Classes are designed for adults with both daytime and evening hours available.  

Prepare for College and Accuplacer Placement Testing

At Anoka Technical College, many students will take the Accuplacer placement test. Students are strongly encouraged to brush up on foundational skills prior to testing. Your Accuplacer test results may influence whether you begin your college studies by enrolling in college-level or developmental-level coursework. To refresh your foundational knowledge and promote a positive testing experience, you are encouraged to take advantage of the free support provided by ABE.

Have you already taken the Accuplacer and want to retest? If so, you are strongly encouraged to work with ABE to increase your potential for earning a higher retest score. Statistics clearly indicate a high percentage of students greatly increase their test scores after working with ABE.

English Language Learners (ELL)

ABE offers free English Language Learner classes. The classes are designed to help students develop occupational and English communication skills to promote success in employment, occupational training or college. 

Enroll in ABE Classes

North Metro ABE is currently offering distance-learning programming and some in-person classes at certain locations. Visit the Metro North ABE website for more details. 

Are you interested in participating in Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes to enhance your foundational skills? To enroll in ABE programs, students are encouraged to visit the Metro North ABE website and complete an online class interest form