Testing Services

The Testing Center provides a variety of services to current students and applicants through a combination of in-person, remote and alternative formats. The Testing Center is located in Room 103, just inside Anoka Tech's main entrance. The Testing Center is staffed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for in-person services from 8 am to 4 pm. On Monday and Tuesday the Testing Center is closed for remote testing. We pause for staff lunch from 12 noon to 1 pm each day. Click the gold bars below to find out more information on the services we offer. 


The ACCUPLACER assessment is used as a tool for student course placement. Beginning Fall 2021, Anoka Technical College is a Course Placement Pilot Project participant, reviewing student records for college-level course prerequisites. Click the blue link below to learn more about the ACCUPLACER assessment, how to meet college-level course pre-requisites, prepare, when and where to take it, how results are used, and much more. 


Keyboarding Test-Out

The Basic Computer Keyboarding (BCK) test-out is a means to satisfy the prerequisite for courses that require typing proficiency for success. This test administered ONLY for students in the following programs:

  • Judicial Reporting AAS
  • Medical Assistant DIP/AAS
  • Scoping/Proofreading CERT

Basic Computer Keyboarding test-out is available in-person on:

  • Wednesday from 8 am to 4 pm (last admit for morning session is 10 am and afternoon session is 2:30 pm)
  • Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm (last admit for morning session is 10 am and afternoon session is 2:30 pm)
  • Friday from 8 am to 4 pm (last admit for morning session is 10 am and afternoon session is 2:30 pm)

As an alternative to in-person testing, Anoka Technical College is offering the Basic Computer Keyboarding test-out via Zoom, video conferencing. This is available to Anoka Technical College applicants and current students who meet the following technology requirements: 

Computer/laptop with a stable internet connection, a webcam and headphones. NOTE: cellphones, iPads, Surface and other tablets will not work. 

In order to schedule your Keyboarding test-out in-person or via Zoom, please click the following blue link Schedule A Testing Services Appointment or contact Testing Services for more information.

Students who do not pass need to register for ADSC 1003 Introduction to Keyboarding and Speedbuilding, a two-credit keyboarding course designed to help students develop basic keyboarding techniques.

 Net Words a Minute (NWAM)
 Resulting Course Placement
 0-24 NWAM with less than 93% accuracy rate
 ADSC1003 Intro to Keyboarding and Speedbuilding
 25-25+ NWAM with 93% or higher accuracy rate
 Course prerequisite has been satisfied

Students are strongly encouraged to practice their typing skills before sitting for the keyboarding test-out. Testing before attending Orientation will facilitate the registration process.

The test-out must be taken in one sitting which includes unlimited practice tests and three timed trials. The timed trials include one test and two retests that are needed only if the first timed test is not passed. Timed trials are three minutes in duration. Most students take less than 15 minutes to complete this test.

Accommodated Testing

Anoka Technical College supports all students admitted to college.

Students with documented disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to programs.

In order to apply for test accommodations, students with disabilities must meet with the Office of Accessibility. Documentation will be required. Apply early to allow time to make arrangements for accommodations.

The Testing Center is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for accommodated testing on: 

  • Wednesday 8 am to 4 pm
  • Thursday 8 am to 4 pm
  • Friday 8 am to 4 pm
  • Occasional Mondays and Tuesdays BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

*All accommodated testing appointments must be scheduled in advance. All students scheduling an accommodated testing appointment must be approved by the Office of Accessibility. More information about accommodations can be found by contacting: Office of Accessibility or call 763-576-7950

AFTER a student has been approved for accommodated testing, they can schedule their accommodated exam(s) with Testing Center staff at TestingServices@anokatech.edu or call 763-576-7830. 

GED Testing

GED preparation and testing is available on the Anoka Technical College campus. Visit Metro North Adult Basic Education for program information. ABE classrooms are located in the Student Success Center, Suite 190, Rm O.

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Make-Up Testing

Make-up testing is available for students who have missed a classroom test due to illness, emergency or an excused absence. Before scheduling, students must request permission from their instructor. Availability is dependent on other testing activities and all testers are required to show a Photo ID at check-in. 

The Testing Center is open for BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for make-up testing on:

  • Wednesday 8 am to 4 pm

  • Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm

  • Friday from 8 am to 4 pm

All make-up testing appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

To schedule a make-up test or accommodated test, contact Testing Center staff at TestingServices@anokatech.edu or call 763-576-7830 for more details. 

Instructors will receive a notification from Testing Services once a student has made their testing appointment. Additional instructor information will accompany the notification; instructors must hand-deliver tests before testing day to the Testing Center in Rm 103 or drop them in the Testing Center drop-box just outside the Testing Center door. Completed tests not picked up by of the day will be returned to faculty mailboxes in the Anoka Tech mailroom by Testing Center personnel. Electronic exams can be delivered before testing day to TestingServices@anokatech.edu


ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills

Anoka Technical College is offering the ATI TEAS exam in both Remote and In-Person formats.

To register for the ATI TEAS exam, students must create an account online at www.atitesting.com. After registration, students can view available test dates, purchase and register for the ATI TEAS exam.

Once an account is created, follow these steps to register for a Remote ATI TEAS exam

  1. Select Online Store.
  2. Select Register for TEAS (located in grey tab on the left). The ATI registration page will appear.
  3. Select Register Now.
  4. The next section asks "How would you like to take a proctored TEAS Exam" select Remote Online.
  5. From the drop-down under TEAS Proctor-Program Type students can select either ATI Remote Proctor-(Nursing or Allied Health) OR Institution Remote Proctor-(Nursing or Allied Health). ATI Remote Proctor is currently $115 and offers more times than Anoka Tech. Institution Remote Proctor is currently $92 and offers times published by Anoka Tech. Students can choose how they would like to complete their remote test. 
  6. Students registering to test remotely through Anoka Tech should select Institution Remote Proctor and select either Nursing or Allied Health.
  7. The Date Range can be left blank. 
  8. Under State/Institution students should select MN and Anoka Tech AH or PN. AH is Allied Health for students interested in Occupational Therapy Assistant or Surg. Tech and PN is for students interested in Practical Nursing.
  9. Select Search and all the available Remote TEAS dates for Anoka Technical College will appear. 

Once an account is created, follow these steps to register for an In-Person ATI TEAS exam

  1. Select Online Store.
  2. Select Register for TEAS (located in grey tab on the left). The ATI registration page will appear.
  3. Select Register Now.
  4. The next section asks "How would you like to take a proctored TEAS Exam" select In-Person.
  5. From the drop-down under Program Type select TEAS for Nursing Students or TEAS for Allied Health. Students pursuing Practical Nursing (PN) should select TEAS for Nursing Students. Students pursuing Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) or Surgical Technology (SURG TECH) should select TEAS for Allied Health.
  6. Under Search By students should select School Name.
  7. Under State select MN.
  8. Under School select Anoka Technical College.
  9. Select Search and all the available In-Person TEAS dates for Anoka Technical College will appear. The current cost for an In-Person exam is $92.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ATI TEAS exams offered through Anoka Technical College have restricted access and are only available to current ATC students or applicants.

Click the following links below are for step-by-step video instructions to creating your account and registering for your exam.

  1. How to create your ATI TEAS account:
  2. Click the video below to learn more about how to view dates and register for your Remote TEAS exam:
  3. Click the video below to learn more about how to view dates and register for your In-Person TEAS exam:

Students who do not meet the technical requirements to test remotely should register to complete an In-Person exam.

Once ATI TEAS Remote exam registration is complete, students will receive a receipt confirming the date and time of the exam. 24 hours before exam day, Anoka Tech Testing Center will provide students with testing day instructions including: practice test instructions, TEAS Student Quick Start Guide, a Troubleshooting Guide, testing day pre-check requirements and login information. Students are recommended to complete a practice test before initiating their ATI TEAS exam. The practice test will include three questions. Completing the practice exam will ensure you have a smooth testing experience and it is required to begin your TEAS exam

It is imperative that registered students carefully read these instructions and ensure their computer meets the technical requirements BEFORE testing day.  If students do not comply with testing requirements, they may not be able to test and a refund may not be issued. Please note: Students with technical difficulties, those who do not meet Proctorio pre-check instructions, or students who are late WILL NOT be able to test. 

Technical issues? Contact ATI TEAS Customer Support at 1-800-667-7531. 

Students who have registered for an In-Person exam will receive a receipt confirming exam day details. Students should reference this information before exam day. Check-in is 1/2 hour before the scheduled exam time. Students are expected to plan their travel times to campus and research the most up-to-date construction information so they are able to arrive promptly for check-in. ALL testers are required to show a hard copy of a valid (non-expired) Government-Issued Photo ID. Photographs of identification stored on a cell phone WILL NOT be accepted. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ATI TEAS testers are required to begin their exams promptly on the appointed exam time. The Testing Center will close the door in order to ensure all examinees begin distraction-free. No late testers will be admitted after the doors have closed (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Free ATI TEAS Preparation Classes

Metro North Adult Basic Education teachers offer free TEAS Prep classes on the Anoka Tech campus. Visit www.metronorthabe.org for details.


Email Testing Services

Phone: 763-576-7830

Fax: 763-576-7721

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*Please note, the Testing Center is closed during all college closures and holidays. See college calendar(s) for more details. 

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