Equity and Inclusion

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There is a place for you in one of our many progressive technical programs and growing student clubs.  The world needs people like you who are hard-working, persevering, and adaptable to the ever-changing environment beyond our doors.  We want you to be successful at our college and in your career, and we offer many services to ensure you will be.  Your success excites us. We are happy to serve you. You belong here.

Who We Are

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Ethnic diversity is Non-white

Message from Vice President of Equity and Inclusion

"You are considering Anoka Technical College for a reason.  I hope that in addition to receiving an excellent education that will prepare you for the practical aspects of your current or future job, you’ll also learn about who you are, and who others are in the ever-changing experience of being in community.  As has always been the case, there’s an ever-present need to be able to interact and engage with people from various backgrounds.  At ATC, we hope you’ll not only take advantage of co-curricular opportunities, but also pay attention to how faculty and staff interact and engage with you and others.  Start practicing the skills necessary to help you have healthy relationships that will serve you well wherever life leads you.

And if there’s more you want to learn, please reach out to the faculty and staff to ask for advice and guidance.  We’re here to help you be successful and get the most you can out of your ATC experience!"

Brandyn Woodard, Vice President of Equity & Inclusion, ATC & ARCC

ATC Students Educating Students

Through our technical programs, general education courses, and student-led clubs, ATC students are acquiring practical knowledge, skills, and abilities to apply at work, at school, and even at home. In this section, ATC students will share their knowledge, experiences, and insights about current events and other issues concerning today’s students.

Resources for Students