Public Safety

Our Mission

Provide innovative career and technical education to help our students and communities live and learn well.

To live our mission it is our responsibility to ensure that students, staff, faculty and visitors are safe on our campus.

Our Safety and Security Committee is made of faculty, staff, administrators and students. The committee is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our safety and security standards on campus.

This page (see below) is designed to be a first aid for resources in emergencies. 

Visit our Safety Resource page to find more information, and safety tips for your off campus activities too.

Crime Reports and Daily Crime Log (blog)


Who To Call What To Do Resources

From campus phone call 9-911

If this is not a life threatening accident, call Security 612-819-4585 and your supervisor.

Follow the instructions provided by the 911 operator.

To report:
For students contact - a faculty member and security.

For employees follow the Worker's Comp guidelines.



How to Lift & Carry Safely

Protecting Your Eyes from Injury

Active Shooter

Who To Call What To Do Resources
From campus phone call: 9-911

Send an all users email.Provide these details:

  • When you saw/heard shooter.
    Where you saw/heard shooter.
    Direction shooter was moving.
    Any identifying or descriptive information you have.
If the shooter is in your area - hide out!  Securethe room and turn off the lights. Move occupants to the inside wall.

If the shooter is in another part of the building - leave or lock down/lock. Remain in the area until cleared by law enforcement or security.

If the shooter is relatively close - lock down/lock out! Stay put until the all clear is announced.

US Dept of Homeland Security Poster

Anoka Tech training

Anoka Tech Personal Safety PowerPoint

Bomb Threat

Who To Call What To Do Resources

If you receive a bomb threat call:

Keep caller on the line.

Do not put caller on hold to get help. 

Send an urgent email to president and your supervisor. 

President and/or president's designee will notify emergency response team.

Keep the caller on the line. Remain calm. Gather as much information a possible.

Complete Bomb Threat Checklist.

Turn off wireless devices (cell phones).

Scan area for foreign or out-of-place items.

Do not open drawers, lockers or cabinets.

Bomb Threat Checklist

Chemical Spill

Who To Call What To Do Resources

Contact supervisor/faculty.

Contact supervisor/faculty, plant manager 612-839-9826,
Security 612-819-4585, Public Safety Director 612-916-3111.

If small spill clean according to manufacturer's directions.

Follow manufacturer's warnings regarding safety.

For product safety questions, contact Poison Control 1-800-222-1222. Director of Public Safety 651-649-5451 or 1-800-422-0798

Princeton University Chemical Spill Resources

Fire and/or Building Evaculation

Who To Call What To Do Resources
Call Fire Department at 9-911.

Relay the following information:
Your Name
Location of fire
Door/location firefighters are to use upon arrival. 
If needed refer to map posted in each room.

Be available when firefighters arrive to direct them to the appropriate location.

Call Security at 612-819-4585. Security to contact the Public Safety Director at 612-916-3111.

Pull the alarm box nearest the fire to sound the fire alarms.

Initiate fire drill procedures posted in each room.

Commence immediate evacuation.

Report to incident Central Command area at door S-3, if you were witness to the fire and/or pulled the alarm.

Once you have evacuated, meet in your department's designated primary meeting spot for accountability.


Hazardous Waste

Who To Call What To Do Resources

Contact supervisor/faculty.

Plant Manager: 612-839-9826;
Security: 612-819-4585
Public Safety Director: 612-916-3111.

Follow manufacturer's warnings regarding safety and cleanup.

For product safety questions, contact Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222.

MSDS Online

Severe Weather

Who To Call What To Do Resources
Hear facility alarm warning of tornado/severe storm and quickly seek shelter in a designated area.
Severe Weather policy

Telephone Numbers

  • Emergency - from campus phone: 9-911
  • Security: 612-819-4585
  • Plant manager: 612-839-9826
  • Emergency response team - President's Office: 763-576-4801
  • Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Vehicle Escort Service

The Anoka Technical College Public Safety Department provides escort services to your vehicle.

Services are available:

  • Monday thru Thursday until 9:50 pm
  • Fridays until 3:50 pm.

Special arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. 

Contact the on-duty Security Officer at 612-817-4585 to arrange an escort.


Emergency 911


Security Office

Public Safety Director

Campus Public Health Nurse