Anoka Technical College announces new, updated programs

Anoka Technical College is pleased to announce the addition of nine new academic programs to its offerings, starting fall semester 2019: Health Unit Coordinator, Information Technology (IT) Support, Landscape Entrepreneurship, Office Communication Specialist, Office Software Specialist, Paramedic, Quality Inspector, Quality Technician and Robotic and Electronic Engineering Technology. These new additions join more than 70 Associate of Applied Science (AAS), diplomas and certificate programs.

“These programs add to our industry-informed instruction and help Anoka Tech provide the contemporary, skills-based training our students need to meet the evolving demands of employers,” Elaina Bleifield, vice president of academic and student affairs, said. “We’re excited about the professional opportunities these programs will create for our students.”

New and updated offerings for fall semester 2019 include:

Health Unit Coordinator

This certificate program equips students with the skills necessary to manage electronic health records, oversee office practices in a medical environment and navigate health care regulations.

Learn more about our 16-credit Health Unit Coordinator certificate program.

Information Technology (IT) Support

This IT certificate program sets students up with the skills needed to compete for entry-level positions in the IT sector.

Learn more about our IT Support certificate program.

Landscape Entrepreneurship

This certificate program provides students the skills and resources required to be a successful operator in the landscape and grounds industry.

Get more information about Anoka Tech’s 16-credit Landscape Entrepreneurship certificate program.

Office Communication Specialist

This certificate program helps students develop the communications skills necessary to write, edit and proofread a wide array of professional communications including proposals, newsletters and website content.

Get more information about our 21-credit Office Communication Specialist certificate program.

Office Software Specialist

This certificate program prepares students to expertly navigate common business software applications including those in the Microsoft Office suite and bookkeeping applications like QuickBooks.

Learn more about Anoka Tech’s 25-credit Office Software Specialist certificate program.


This degree prepares students for an exciting career in emergency patient care.

Get more information about Anoka Tech’s 60-credit Paramedic AAS degree program.

Quality Inspector

This certificate program prepares students to meet the demands of a career ensuring the quality of finished goods and products in a variety of manufacturing environments.

Get more information about Anoka Tech’s 30-credit Quality Inspector certificate program.

Quality Technician

This degree program is designed to train students on the tools and processes to ensure the quality of finished goods and services. Graduates will have the skills to be employed as a quality assurance technician.

Get more information about Anoka Tech's 60-credit Quality Technician degree program.

Robotic and Electronic Engineering Technology

This degree provides students a thorough understanding of how computers and machines communicate as well as system level troubleshooting, and a solid education in electronic engineering technology fundamentals.

Learn more about our 72-credit Robotic and Electronic Engineering Technology AAS degree program.

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