Medical Assistant program helps student (re)Train to Gain

Medical Assistant program student Jesse L

After an injury took Jesse Lamb ’20 out of the machine shop, he began a search for a different career path. While at an open house information session, Lamb, a machinist for 25 years, connected with one of Anoka Tech’s MA faculty. He says he immediately connected with her energy.a 

“Lisa Sailor was unlike any instructor I’ve ever dealt with,” Lamb says. “She was direct and honest.”

Lamb enrolled in the program. He says he appreciates the real-world expertise faculty bring to the classroom. He says hands-on learning pays off for students in situations like drawing blood from patients or processing samples. 

“You’re always learning all the time,” he says. “If you listen to it you’ve got it.”

Applying Lessons to Life

For Lamb, the lessons he learned from his instructors extended well beyond the classroom.

When he started the program, he wore his hair past his shoulders, smoked cigarettes and weighed more than 350 pounds. He asked instructors what he could do to cement his future in the program and workforce.

“She told me to cut my hair and quit smoking,” he says. 

Lamb took the advice to heart, cut his hair, quit smoking and took key steps to lose weight and get healthy. It’s been working academically, too, “I’ve passed all my classes with almost straight As,” he says.

Looking Ahead

With a shorter hair and a longer timeline for the career of ahead of him, Lamb’s honest about his professional aspirations.
“The bottom line is money. Period. End of story,” he says. 

Graduates of Anoka Tech’s MA program are prepared to assist medical providers with examinations and treatments, conduct medical histories, sterilize instruments and supplies, assist with minor surgery, administer medications and more. Learn more about Anoka Tech's Medical Assistant program.

This story has been updated to clarify details of Lamb's professional experience. 

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