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Evening Basic Welding Certificate Only 30 Spots, Don't Wait

Now you have the opportunity to earn a welding certificate in one semester: fall semester, during late afternoon/evening hours. A welding certificate offers quick access into welding careers.

Basic Welding Certificate Program - see Details

Technical Education 17 Credits

WELD 1004 Oxy-Fuel Applications

WELD 1006 Oxy-Fuel Processes

WELD 1002 Math for Welders

WELD 1008 Blueprint Reading I

WELD 1012 Processes & Power Sources I

WELD 1014 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I

WELD 1016 Gas Metal Arc Welding I

WELD 1018 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I


Get Started

  1. Apply to Anoka Technical College
  2. Turn in High School Diploma or GED certificate -- if new to college
  3. Take ACCUPLACER placement test
  4. Complete FAFSA online -- Contact Financial Aid Office for assistance 763-576-4760 or

Questions: Contact Enrollment Services/Admissions at 763-576-4850 or




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