The Strategic Plan for Anoka Technical College

Embedded within these goals is a commitment to quality education and student success, ultimately leading to graduation. Graduating with a degree and/or certificate benefits both career and transfer students. By graduating with a credential, students demonstrate their persistence and skills and are better prepared for the challenges of life and future studies.

Goal 1. Commit to Student Success

We value the success and well-being of our students.
We value access and affordability for our students.

A. Increase the number of students transferring or completing a certificate, diploma, or degree in a timely manner.
B. Equitably increase retention and academic progress.
C. Develop proactive approaches to meet students’ changing academic, physical, emotional, and financial needs.
D. Empower students to gain ownership of their academic and personal success.

Goal 2. Promote Academic Excellence

We value excellence in teaching and learning. We value continuous improvement in curriculum and instruction.
We value exploring new pedagogical methods that enhance learner outcomes.

A. Offer rigorous programs of study to meet current and future transfer and workforce expectations.
B. Actively assess that learner outcomes are being met to improve curriculum and instruction.
C. Incorporate inclusive classroom strategies that engage all students.
D. Establish and maintain learning environments and delivery methods that support diverse, state-of-the-art, student-centric learning experiences.
E. Maintain high academic standards and support students to produce quality work.

Goal 3. Foster a Vibrant Culture that Practices Equity and Inclusion

We value a culture of caring and mutual respect for all students and all employees.
We value equity and inclusion campus-wide for all constituents.
We value collaborative leadership and decision making.
We value intellectual curiosity and knowledge growth.

A. Support a welcoming and safe environment for our students and employees.
B. Recruit, hire, and retain diverse faculty and staff that reflect our community and students.
C. Invest in development opportunities for faculty and staff.
D. Promote the value of free speech and diverse voices and viewpoints.

Goal 4. Establish a Strong Reputation and Valuable Partnerships

We value strong community partnerships that benefit the success and well-being of our students.
We value the stewardship of physical, financial, and human resources.
We value long-term financial sustainability that incorporates strategic investments.

A. Build a reputation for excellence within the region and state; and be nationally recognized as leaders in community and technical college education.
B. Develop systems and curricula that respond expediently to new job skills, training, and career opportunities with community and industry partners.
C. Enhance relationships with K-12 schools, workforce organizations, and higher education transfer partners to provide educational and career pathways for students.
D. Promote practices that enhance environmental stewardship, reduce our carbon footprint, and make us a good neighbor in our community.

Implementation and Planning Process

Anoka Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College entered into a combined strategic planning process in 2014. The creation of a meaningful Strategic Plan that could be effectively implemented by two colleges and three campuses was a challenging process, but through the guiding principles of transparencyauthentic engagement, and broad ownership, we are proud to have collaboratively created a Strategic Plan that now guides the direction of our colleges.

In order to successfully implement our Strategic Plan, we have formed six Implementation Task Forces, each co-chaired by an administrator and a faculty member, to create and assess new initiatives to meet our goals. Visit our Implementation Process page to learn more about our implementation process.

Our collaborative strategic planning process has drawn national attention in an article co-authored by two of our strategic planning co-chairs, describing one particular day of gathering meaningful, prioritized ideas from 200+ faculty members. Visit our Planning Process page to learn more about our collaborative strategic planning process, including the summarized data gathered from 1000+ stakeholders that helped to create our plan.