Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for college-wide strategic planning and institutional research to support data-informed decision making. This includes supporting three campuses with institutional and program accreditation and technical assistance and training to facilitate continuous improvement.

Key Services

  • Enrollment Management - Enrollment tracking, trends, and projection
  • Resource Management - Course scheduling, facilities, and staffing
  • Accreditation - Institutional and program accreditation
  • Assessment - Student learning outcomes and program review
  • Surveys - Satisfaction, engagement, campus climate surveys of students
  • Research and Evaluation - Special projects to evaluate effectiveness
  • Strategic Planning - Performance metrics, college's strategic plan, master academic plan, etc.
  • Ad hoc requests
    • Special requests for data often turn into larger end-user databases. Ad hoc requests can take two weeks to complete, as we do these in addition to the normal enrollment and program reporting work of the IR office.

Anoka Technical Enrollment Data

Enrollment Reports

FY 2014-15    Fall 2014 Final Enrollment Report                      Spring 2015 Final Enrollment Report

FY 2015-16    Fall 2015 Final Enrollment Report                      Spring 2016 Final Enrollment Report

FY 2013-14    Fall 2013 Final Enrollment Report               Spring 2014 Final Enrollment Report

FY 2012-13    Fall 2012 Final Enrollment Report               Spring 2013 Final Enrollment Report

Anoka Technical FY Trend Data

FY Trend Data

Anoka Technical College Unduplicated Headcount and FYE


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Anoka-Ramsey Enrollment Data

Anoka-Ramsey FY Trend Data

Anoka Ramsey Community College Unduplicated Headcount by FYE

Anoka Ramsey Community College Student Headcount by Ethnicity

Anoka Ramsey Community College Student Headcount by Student of Color

**Under 10


MnSCU Performance Metrics

Code of Ethics

Institutional Research Code of Ethics and Professional Practice 

Institutional Effectiveness Personnel

Accreditation, Program Review and Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Nora Morris, Dean of Research & Evaluation

Institutional Effectiveness
Jennifer Pearson Hennen,  Director of Institutional Effectiveness


Polly Harrison-Townsend, Grants Manager

Assessment, Enrollment, and Data Integrity
Zachary Haas, Research Analyst 

IPEDS, Graduate Follow-up Survey, and External Surveys
Rachel McDonnell, Management Analyst