The Strategic Plan for Anoka Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College

Goal 1. Commit to Student Success    

Foster an unwavering commitment to student success through a pervasive student-centric attitude and innovative models for serving students.

  1. Infuse a proactive student-centric attitude college-wide.
  2. Increase retention and academic progress.
  3. Increase number of students transferring or completing a certificate, diploma, or degree in a timely manner.
Goal 2. Promote Academic Excellence

Deliver a high-quality educational experience for students.

  1. Support and promote teaching excellence in all disciplines.
  2. Actively assess that learner outcomes are being met effectively in all courses.
  3. Ensure learning environments and delivery methods support diverse, state-of-the-art, student-centric learning experiences.

Goal 3. Foster a Vibrant, Sustainable Organization

Create an organizational culture that values employees and benefits students.
  1. Foster a culture of caring for all students and mutual respect for fellow employees.
  2. Encourage strategic innovation and invest in high-quality, high-impact programs and practices.
  3. Ensure that decision-making is transparent and evidence-based.
  4. Recruit, hire, and retain high-quality, diverse faculty and staff, and encourage continuous improvement through professional development.
  5. Evaluate and implement equitable, financially sustainable practices.

Goal 4. Establish a Strong Identity and Reputation for Excellence

Articulate a shared identity that is pervasive in the region, while emphasizing the strengths and distinctiveness of the two colleges and three campuses.

  1. Identify and preserve the uniqueness of each college and campus within a unified learning network.
  2. Establish an identity that unifies the two colleges and three campuses.
  3. Build a reputation for excellence in the region.

Anoka Technical College/Anoka-Ramsey Community College Alignment: Mission and Goals

Goal 5. Strengthen and Extend Meaningful Partnerships

Cultivate relevant, integrated pathways with educational, business/industry, and public sector partners to assist students in achieving their goals.
  1. Solidify and expand relationships with K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, and business/industry and public sector partners to provide educational and career pathways for students.
  2. Be responsive to evolving student, community, and industry needs.
  3. Expand and maintain strategic resource partnerships for grant funding, in-kind donations, leveraged equipment, and other innovative funding models to enhance the student learning experience.

Goal 1: Commit to Student Success

Goal 1 Implementation Task Force Co-Chairs:

Anoka Tech: Donovan Jackman & Sean Johns
Anoka-Ramsey: Jennifer Liberty Clark & Steve Crittenden

Goal 2: Promote Academic Excellence

Goal 2 Implementation Task Force Co-Chairs:

Jennifer Bingle & Deidra Peaslee

Goal 3: Foster a Vibrant, Sustainable Organization

Goal 3 Implementation Task Force Co-Chairs:

Jay Nelson & Barbara Prince

Goal 4: Establish a Strong Identity and Reputation for Excellence

Goal 4 Implementation Task Force Co-Chairs:

Kent Hanson & Thomas McCarthy

Anoka Technical College/Anoka-Ramsey Community College Alignment


“While respecting the distinct identity and purpose of each college, the Anoka-Ramsey and Anoka Technical College alignment promotes collaboration and the sharing of resources, ideas, and information between both colleges and all three campuses to more effectively and efficiently serve our students and communities and to offer our students expanded opportunities for a quality liberal arts and career-focused education as well as co-curricular experiences.”


  1. Leverage the programs and resources at all three campuses to enhance student success and expanded opportunities.
  2. Facilitate an efficient exchange of diverse knowledge, talent, and practices between all three campuses to promote effective operations across the alliance.
  3. Build a reputation of excellence based on innovation, strategic growth, and continuous improvement.
  4. Simplify the processes for students taking or transferring classes and participating in activities at more than one of the three campuses.

Goal 5: Strenghten and Extend Meaningful Partnerships

Planning Process

Anoka Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College entered into a combined strategic planning process in 2014. The creation of a meaningful Strategic Plan that could be effectively implemented by two colleges and three campuses was a challenging process, but through the guiding principles of transparency, authentic engagement, and broad ownership, we are proud to have collaboratively created a Strategic Plan that now guides the direction of our colleges.

Our collaborative strategic planning process has drawn national attention in an article co-authored by two of our strategic planning co-chairs, describing one particular day of gathering meaningful, prioritized ideas from 200+ faculty members.

Visit our Planning Process page to learn more about our collaborative strategic planning process, including the summarized data gathered from 1000+ stakeholders that helped to create our plan.


Implementation Process

In order to successfully implement our Strategic Plan, we have formed six Implementation Task Forces, each co-chaired by an administrator and a faculty member, to create and assess new initiatives to meet our goals.

Visit our Implementation Process page to view accomplishments, documents, and progress reports from our Implementation Task Forces.