Student Senate

The Student Senate serves as advocates for all Anoka Technical College students. In addition to being the voice in front of local and state elected officials for fighting for lower tuition and more financial aid, the Student Senate represents the student body at meetings and in college committees.

They also subsidize the cost of professional conferences and competitions for students and provide social, educational, cultural and leadership activities for the entire college.

The Student Senate consists of a president, a vice president, a director of development, a public relations coordinator, a secretary, a treasurer, a director of internal affairs and representatives from each program area.

Student Senate Newsletter

2017 - 2018 Student Senate Candidates


Thomas Lien - Bio

Vice President

Mary Allenson     Mary Allenson, Public Relations- Bio

Robertta Warnpeh    Robertta Warnpeh - Bio


Christine Anderson - Bio


Melissa Zaitz - Bio

Director of Development

Nick Monaghan - Bio

Upcoming Events

No current events.

For questions regarding student senate, please stop by the Student Senate office



Nick Hockert


President: Thomas Lien

Vice President: Roberta Warnpeh

Secretary: Melissa Zaitz

Treasurer: Christine Anderson

Public Relations Coordinator: Mary Allenson

Director of Internal Affairs: Vacant

Director of Development: Vacant