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Tutoring Services

Due to COVID-19 Anoka Technical College's Tutoring Services have moved online and are available to help students remotely. We offer:

Helpful Zoom Tutorials can be found here. Remember to sign in at then select 'Join a Meeting' and enter the ID of the tutor during their scheduled time.

Students can still access and its 24/7 online service available through D2L.

If you have any additional questions about Peer Tutoring or the Writing Center please contact Michael Vendittelli, Director of Accessibility and Peer Tutoring.

All students attending Anoka Technical College are encouraged to take advantage of our free tutoring services. Tutors provide encouragement, and will help students develop skills and strategies to succeed in college.

Peer tutors are available in the  Student Success Center, Rm 190, to work with students on a walk-in basis. No appointment is necessary. Check the tutoring schedule posted in the Student Success Center for dates/times that specific peer tutors are available.

 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
 2 pm to 5 pm
 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
 2 pm to 5 pm

What programs/subjects are covered by tutors?

Peer tutors are available for most programs and subject areas including:

  • Microsoft (MS) Office Suite
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Heath Information Technology (HIT)
  • Administrative Support Careers
  • Practical Nursing
  • Biology
  • A & P (health)
  • A & P I & II
  • Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • ICD 9 & 10

Check the tutoring schedule in the Student Success Center for dates/times that specific tutors are available.


How do I get started?

Stop by the Student Success Center in Rm 190 to view the most current tutoring schedule. Walk-ins are welcome. No appointment is needed. Informal study groups meet routinely.

Can I work with a peer tutor one-on-one?

Yes, depending on availability. Pick up a Request for Peer Tutor Services form in the Student Success Center (Rm 190-G) or download the request form PDF. Julie Packer, Director of Disabilities.

Peer Tutoring Services will contact you to schedule sessions depending on peer tutor availability.

Who are the peer tutors?

Peer tutors are fellow students enrolled in the program they tutor in. Tutors are recommended by faculty as having exceptional knowledge and skills in their area of study. Trained peer tutors have a welcoming attitude and enjoy working with other students.

Can I get computer help from a tutor?

Yes. Peer tutors can help students acquire basic computer skills such as learning to use the mouse, or accessing, printing or saving files in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access or PowerPoint.

Peer tutors can also help students learn to use the Internet to check their e-mail account or use their Desire2Learn (D2L) account.

What technical programs offer peer tutoring?

Peer Tutors are available for most programs. Stop by the Student Success Center in Room 190 to view the latest listing. If you have questions or concerns stop by to visit Julie Packer, Director of Disabilities Services and Peer Tutoring in Room 190-G.

Online Tutoring

In addition to Anoka Technical College’s on-campus tutoring services, we provide access to the Online Tutoring service. This online tutoring service is accessible through all D2L Brightspace course home pages. provides personalized support to students through 24/7 online tutoring. Students get 15 hours per year paid by the system office.

Please contact Julie Packer at 763-576-4069 with any questions.

How can I become a peer tutor?

All potential Peer Tutors must be recommended by faculty to tutor for their program. Students can begin the application process by submitting the Faculty Recommendation for Peer Tutor Position form to their program faculty.

Can faculty recommend students to be tutors?


Michael Vendittelli
Accessibility and Peer Tutoring Coordinator
Phone: 763-576-4073