Quality Matters

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Quality MattersAnoka Technical Colleges utilizes Quality Matters (QM) standards to support faculty in the design of online courses. QM standards promote learner engagement and provide students with the tools and information they need to be successful learners. For more information about the QM program , visit www.qmprogram.org.

More about Quality Matters (QM)

QM is a faculty-centered, peer-review process and rubric designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. The nationally recognized QM process is based on the research literature and best practices for online teaching and learning.

Faculty and online course designers at the Anoka Tech use QM to guide course design decisions and as the foundation for course review and revision. The review process is designed to ensure that course expectations are clearly communicated and that student learning is assessed based on those expectations. The QM review also ensures that online courses include meaningful interaction between instructors and students, and with the course content.

The QM program includes a rubric (or set of standards) and a process for applying that rubric to the review of an online course. The QM rubric is a research-based tool consisting of eight general standards and 41 specific criteria that describe best practices in online course design. The QM process is designed to be continuous, collegial and collaborative. The rubric and associated annotations are based on best practices that promote student learning and instructional design principles that are part of good design. The rubric is supported by a thorough review of the literature and is updated every three years to reflect new techniques and technologies that have become available.

Current QM Certified Courses

  • ADSC 1060
  • ADSC 1070
  • English 1105
  • ITEC 1000

Current QM Peer Reviewers

  • Deb Allen, Master Reviewer (7/10)

  • Peggie Armstrong (10/13)

  • Diana Ostrander (11/13)

  • Sara Rowe (8/12)

  • Jody Sandberg (12/13)


Deborah Allen