Course List & Descriptions



0100-ABE Reading FundamentalsView0.00
1003-ADSC Introduction to Keyboarding and SpeedbuildingView2.00
1055-ADSC Electronic Health RecordsView2.00
1206-ADSC Written Business CommunicationsView4.00
1045-ADSC Administrative Office ProceduresView4.00
1142-ADSC Integrated Software ApplicationsView4.00
1283-ADSC Medical Office ProceduresView4.00
1451-ADSC Technology Tools for the WorkplaceView3.00
1162-ADSC Microsoft PowerPointView2.00
1054-ADSC Office BookkeepingView4.00
1197-ADSC Microsoft WordView4.00
1136-ADSC Legal Assistant InternshipView2.00
1115-ADSC Legal ProceduresView5.00
1010-ADSC Keyboarding IView3.00
1031-ADSC Business English SkillsView3.00
1006-ADSC Business LawView4.00
1171-ADSC Microsoft ExcelView2.00
1181-ADSC Microsoft AccessView2.00
1000-ARCH Residential ConstructionView2.00
2030-ARCH Building CodesView1.00
2070-ARCH Commercial DesignView2.00
1040-ARCH Residential GraphicsView1.00
1015-ARCH Commercial ConstructionView2.00
1045-ARCH Commercial GraphicsView1.00
1052-ARCH Architectural CAD IIView3.00
2025-ARCH Revit Architectural 3D CADView2.00
1031-ARCH Building SystemsView2.00
2027-ARCH Intermediate Revit Architecture 3-D CADView2.00
1002-ARCH Construction Print ReadingView2.00
2085-ARCH Structural ConstructionView3.00
2055-ARCH Commercial CAD StudioView3.00
2005-ARCH Residential CAD StudioView4.00
1043-ARCH Architectural CAD IView3.00
2029-ARCH Advanced Revit 3D CADView3.00
1004-ARCH Introduction to the Architectural ProfessionView2.00
1000-ASL Deaf Studies/CultureView3.00
1000-AUTO Orientation and SafetyView1.00
1167-AUTO Vehicle ElectronicsView5.00
2119-AUTO Engine Repair and ServiceView6.00
2129-AUTO Automatic Transmission ConditionsView6.00
2159-AUTO Brake Systems and ServiceView4.00
1010-AUTO General Automotive ServiceView2.00
2164-AUTO Chassis Electrical SystemsView3.00
2166-AUTO Starting and Charging SystemsView2.00
2145-AUTO Suspension and Steering System ServiceView4.00
2135-AUTO Manual Drive Train Systems and ServiceView4.00
2183-AUTO Fuel and Ignition Management Systems and ServiceView6.00
2175-AUTO Automotive Climate Control and ServiceView4.00
2187-AUTO Automotive Computer Systems and DriveabilityView4.00
2005-AUTO Supervised Internship IView2.00
2006-AUTO Supervised Internship IIView2.00
2007-AUTO Supervised Internship IIIView2.00
2450-AUTO Fundamental Welding for AutomotiveView3.00
2460-AUTO Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service and SafetyView4.00
1010-BDAT Integrated Business SoftwareView3.00
1030-BDAT Data AnalysisView4.00
1000-BDAT Business ConceptsView2.00
1025-BDAT Data Preparation for AnalyticsView3.00
1005-BDAT Data Analysis FundamentalsView2.00
2140-BDAT Business IntelligenceView3.00
2145-BDAT Special Topics in AnalyticsView3.00
1010-BHHS Direct Service ProfessionalismView3.00
1020-BHHS Physical/Developmental Supports IView3.00
1040-BHHS Facilitating Positive BehaviorsView3.00
1030-BHHS Person Centered PlanningView3.00
1550-BHHS Social Service ProjectsView3.00
1560-BHHS Social Welfare ServicesView3.00
1570-BHHS Introduction to Social WorkView3.00
2020-BHHS Physical/Developmental Supports IIView3.00
2050-BHHS Supportive InterventionsView4.00
1005-BHHS Introduction to Behavioral Health and Human ServicesView2.00
1130-BIOL Human BiologyView4.00
1106-BIOL Principles of BiologyView4.00
2100-BIOL Anatomy and Physiology IView4.00
2200-BIOL Anatomy and Physiology IIView4.00
1200-BMET Biomedical Equipment and TerminologyView2.00
2012-BMET Biomedical InstrumentationView4.00
1301-BMET Biomedical NetworkingView2.00
1000-CEST Construction Estimating IView3.00
1010-CEST Construction Estimating IIView3.00
1020-CEST Computer EstimatingView2.00
1030-CEST Project Management for EstimatorsView2.00
1055-COMM Strengths and WellnessView3.00
1002-COMP Computer Technologies for CommunicationView2.00
1000-CONS Consortium CreditsView 
1001-COTA Introduction to Occupational TherapyView4.00
1050-COTA Clinical ConditionsView4.00
1105-COTA Therapeutic Applications IView3.00
2330-COTA Physical Rehabilitation PracticeView4.00
2350-COTA Community PracticeView4.00
1155-COTA Therapeutic Applications IIView2.00
1280-COTA Mental Health and Wellness PracticeView4.00
2340-COTA Children and Youth PracticeView4.00
1290-COTA Level I Fieldwork BehavioralView1.00
2310-COTA Professional SeminarView2.00
1260-COTA Performance Skills and ApplicationsView3.00
1270-COTA Productive Aging and Geriatric PracticeView4.00
2421-COTA Level II Fieldwork BView6.00
2411-COTA Level II Fieldwork AView6.00
2391-COTA Level I Fieldwork TraditionalView1.00
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