Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Brush Up on Basic Skills

Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a free program to help adults age 17 or older (who are not enrolled in a secondary school) develop basic skills in reading, writing, math, English and technology. ABE teachers will help students identify areas that need to be studied and provide assistance. Classes are designed to meet the needs of adults.

Prepare for College

At Anoka Technical College, all students declaring a major are required to take the Accuplacer Computerized Placement Test (CPT). Students are strongly encouraged to brush up on basic skills prior to testing. Your Accuplacer test results will indicate whether you begin college studies by registering for developmental or college-level coursework. Increase your chances for a favorable outcome by taking advantage of targeted review provided by ABE teachers in both refresher sessions and study labs.

Get Ready for Accuplacer Retesting

Students are highly recommended to enroll in free ABE classes to prepare for retesting as well. Statistics clearly indicate a high percentage of students greatly increase their test scores following basic skills brush up led by ABE teachers.

English Language Learners (ELL)

Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE) offers free English Language Learner classes at Anoka Technical College (ATC). The classes are designed to help students develop occupational and English communication skills to successfully gain and retain employment and continue on to occupational training or college.

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