Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Thank you for being interested in learning how to be more successful at Anoka Technical College. Our goal is to provide you the finest career and technical education and the appropriate resources to help you, and the community, live and learn well. One way of doing that is to help you maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. 

Please use these resources to help you maintain SAP standards or to assist you in getting back on track to ensure satisfactory academic progress.  


SAP Definitions

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Calendar

Friday, May 27
Friday, May 27

The final deadline for appeals to attend spring 2019 is noon on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019.

Appeals can be dropped off at the Records Office, faxed to 763-576-7721 or emailed to

Appeal results will be emailed to students by the end of the day on Jan. 11, 2019.

We encourage students to submit their appeal immediately and before the final deadline, since the committee periodically reviews appeals received before the final deadline.  




Satisfactory Academic Progress Resources

Printing Your Academic Record/Transcript - Here is how you can print unofficial academic transcripts from Anoka Tech or another Minnesota State college or university. 

Finding your GPA – Here is a student-friendly guide to determine your GPA using your unofficial academic transcript. 

Calculating Your Completion Rate – Here is a student-friendly guide to calculating your completion rate using your unofficial academic transcript. 

Appeal and Contract Form – Here are the required documents that students must complete to appeal a suspension. Submit the completed forms along with a typed statement, transcripts and supporting documentation to the Records Office. 

2nd Review of Appeal Form – Here are the documents that students must complete when appealing the SAP Committee’s decision. Submit the completed form along with a typed statement, transcripts, and supporting documentation to the Dean of Student Affairs.

Dropping vs. Withdrawing – Here you will learn the difference between dropping a course vs withdrawing from a course. There is a big difference how it impacts you academically and financially, so please take a minute to read and learn.  

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

People To Contact

Erica Stene

Success Coaches
Lucas Erie

Melissa McCarty

Jason Twombly

Records Office 
Susan Rumpca

Linda Eischens

Angela Homan

Financial Aid
Andrea Ebert

Pat Fischer